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Adrian Lombardi Player Development Journey

Stefan Kostic 6yo Serve Assessment Day

Stefan Kostic 7yo Serve Development

Stefan Kostic 13yo Serve 

Stefan Kostic 6yo Forehand Step Down

Stefan Kostic 7.5yo Forehand Step Down

Stefan Kostic 13yo Forehand Step Down

13yo Kostic FH Take Back.jpg
13yo Kostic FH forward swing.jpg
13yo Kostic FH Contact.jpg
13yo Kostic FH after contact.jpg
13yo Kostic FH follow through.jpg
13yo Kostic FHD contact.jpg

Stefan Kostic 7.5yo Forehand Spins

Stefan Kostic 13yo Forehand Spins

Adam Vermeer first came to MTA at age of 4.  Did not know how to speak English.  He was an exceptional student with great passion and loved playing tennis.  Here is Adam at 4.11yrs of age still in Kinder.   Adam showing his Forehand development stances, step down, 2 foot spins, mogul, rally and balance work as well as developing the serve with balance.

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