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Adult Tennis Coaching


Our Adult Coaching Classes are held at the Whites Lane Mulgrave Tennis Club & Narre Warren South Tennis Club in a relaxed social atmosphere and they are a great way to meet fellow tennis players.  Classes are available for all levels.   


Beginner Groups

Our Beginner Program is a fun way to kick-start your tennis journey. It is designed for first time players who have limited or no experience. We focus on the basics of tennis, such as learning the correct grips & techniques. Each class incorporates drilling and stroke improvement followed by match-based drills and games so players can experience improvement in a playing environment. We also tail or the fitness component to suit the needs of the group.

60min - $30 (Weekly sessions) or $200 for an 8 week term (Save $40)

Call or Email for Days & Times

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Intermediate Groups

Our Intermediate Program is the ideal program to help you make that crucial step from an intermediate to an advanced player. It is designed for players who can sustain a short rally at a slow pace and are capable of serving the ball into play. This class has an emphasis on improving technique, movement and consistency while also improving fitness.

60min - $30 (Weekly sessions) or $200 for an 8 week term (Save $40)

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Coaching & Cardio

Our Coaching and Cardio sessions is a hybrid program that provides you the technical skills as well as improving your Cardio.  It is a fun, social, group tennis coaching-cardio program for people of all ages and abilities. This program will give you everything

60min - $30 (Weekly sessions) or $200 for an 8 week term (Save $40)

Call or Email for Days & Times

Doubles Match

Create Your Own Group

Organise your own group of between 2 to 5 people, do some extra training with your fixture team, or create a great experience for some business clients. Our coaches will tailor the session to exactly what you want to get out of it.

60min - $30 (Weekly sessions) or $200 for an 8 week term (Save $40)

Call or Email for Days & Times

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Private lessons are ideal for all players – beginners to elite. Technical corrections & enhancements, video analysis, high intensity drilling, working on specific shot sequences, or just getting back into tennis – we tailor each session to meet your specific needs.

30min from $50 session

45min from $70 session

60min from $95 session (Semi Private from $50 each)

Call or Email for Days & Times

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1 ON 1 Hitting

This program will give you a great cardio workout. It focuses on all strokes and drilling different point scenarios. Consistency, footwork, strategy and fitness are a big focus of these sessions which run for an hour.

60min from $80 session

Call or Email for Days & Times

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