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MTA Policies

Payment of Fees


  • Methods of payment: Cash, Credit Card or Internet Banking (Bank details are located on form. Quote Reference: Use Invoice number or child's name)

  • New Enrolments: Paying by Cash - please place in an envelope with pupils name and amount and hand in to a Millennium Tennis coach on court. Email forms to 

  • Re-Enroling: We will email you in week 7 of the tennis program to find out if your child will continue in the following term.  

  • If re-enrolling email we will email you the new terms invoice.

  • Any problems with payment please contact Millennium Tennis Academy immediately on 0417591911. 


Wash Outs


  • Whenever the Millennium Tennis Academy coaches know there will be a definite washout, they will contact you with an SMS message to your mobile at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson time.  If you are unsure if the lesson is on please contact us on 0417 591 911 or call your child's coach. (you will need to ask your coach for their mobile number)

  • If a class is a complete washout, then the entire class will be made up during the spare weeks at the end of term.  Individual make up lessons do not apply

  • If it is raining during the lesson the lesson will be completed indoors if available.  If the indoor facility is not available then the remainder of lesson will be completed at the end of term.  If the lessons was the last lesson of the day or night then extra time will be added on in the following week.


Group Coaching Absences


  • If you are going to be absent from a lesson you must contact your coach as soon as possible.  This will allow other pupils waiting for a make-up lesson to take one.


Make – Up Lessons

  • We offer you tennis lessons because we want you to improve. Therefore, we want every student to receive their full complement of lessons. However, we are not obliged to do so and remind you that it is your responsibility to inform us of your absence in advance and then organise a substitute lesson.

COVID 19 - Make Ups


All tennis coaching sessions (Adult, Junior, Privates) that are cancelled due to covid 19 lockdowns, we will be offering the following

  • A credit will be given towards a holiday clinic or following tennis term

  • If we can, to create a double lesson to make up for lost time (sessions)

  • Come to additional tennis sessions during the week

  • Use the remaining fees towards a private lessons


Please note the following very generous conditions:

  • Make-up lessons must be taken in the same term.

  • A maximum of 2 make-up lessons is permitted per term

  • If a class is washed out, then the entire lesson will be re-scheduled in our spare weeks near end of term. Individual make-up lessons do not apply

  • Make-up lessons cannot be transferred to another student

  • Prior notice of any absence is a pre-requisite

  • MTA operates on very strict and small student-teacher ratios.

  • Your fees hold your position within this small ratio and it is your choice and responsibility as to how many classes you attend. It is strictly not possible to deduct the missed lessons from your account.

  • Our costs (eg. wages, balls, court hire, coaching rights, insurance’s, etc.) remain the same whether you attend or not.

Group Coaching Make – Up Lessons


  • If a coach is away due to illness or a wash out or if heat out occurs, the lesson will be made up at the end of the term.

  • If a child is going to miss a class through illness please let Adrian Lombardi know as he can use this space for another child's make up lesson.  Make up lessons can only occur if there is a suitable class with availability and these are not guaranteed.  You must call Head Coach Adrian Lombardi to request a make up lesson.  A make up lesson may be made up on an alternative day and time depending on availability.  A maximum of two make – up lessons are permitted per term. You are not able to roll makeup lessons into the following term.

  • For serious illness or injury resulting in most of the term missed, credit will be given for the following term of lessons however you must contact Adrian Lombardi.


Private or Shared Lessons Washouts & Cancellations


Please note your contract with Millennium Tennis Academy for a private or semi private lesson is as follows:

  • Payment will be made before the lessons commence.

  • Your professional Coach will require a minimum 24 hrs notice if you are unable to attend the lesson. Failure to notify your Coach within 24 hrs, will result in a twenty-five dollar ($25) “late cancellation fee”

  • Failure to turn up for your lesson without notification incurs the full amount for the lesson. That is NO REFUNDS / MAKE-UPS are given.

  • The lesson is on regardless of weather (or forecasts) unless MTA notifies you, or if you are unsure you can contact the MTA coordinator Adrian Lombardi or your coach direct, ask your coach for their mobile number.

  • In the case of semi-private lessons, full payment is required regardless of number of participating students. You are paying to reserve this time, and we are committed to paying both the coach and the court hire for that lesson. It is the student’s responsibility to sort out amongst themselves who is responsible for the payment.

  • If you are required to cancel your private lesson you must inform your coach by calling them on their mobile either the day before or in the morning of lesson day.


In the event of coach being ill or away


  • Replace coach with another MTA coach.  If we cannot replace coach then we will SMS or call all parents to let you know the lesson has been cancelled.  Lesson will be made up at the end of the term.


New & Re-Enrolments


  • All new enrolments must complete the New Enrolment form at the commencement of the term

  • Re-Enroling we will email you in week 7 of the tennis program to find out if your child will continue or not continue for the following terms tennis program.  

  • Once you have told us of your following terms decision we will email you the new terms invoice to be paid (only if your re-enrolling).  

  • Pupils will remain on the same day and time unless the Millennium Tennis Academy Team feel it will be beneficial for the pupil to be promoted.  If you need to change day or time of lesson please notify Millennium Tennis


Photos & Video Clips


  • If you have any objections to photos or video of you or your children for use in Millennium Tennis Academy promotional material including our website, please notify us in writing.  If not, Millennium Tennis Academy will assume you have no objections.


Cancellation of Lesson


  • If a lesson is going to be cancelled due to wash out or heat out or coach being ill an SMS will be sent to you.

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