Adrian has coached our daughter, Sasha for the past 18 months. In this short period of time, the improvement in our daughter’s technical and tactical tennis skills has simply been astounding.

It takes a very special person to get the best out of a junior tennis player. Adrian is this special tennis coach. He not only possesses a lot of expertise in tennis coaching methods, but most importantly he totally dedicates himself to each one of his students. Adrian takes great care to learn about personality of his students and uses this information to help them deal with situations on a tennis court in a positive way, whether it is during training or at the tournaments. From primary years, Adrian equips his students with the skills to become thinking and independent tennis players, who can dictate their game.

We value the partnership approach that Adrian takes. Parental concerns and questions are always addressed. Adrian also consults with other experts if necessary to broaden his coaching expertise and/or to identify strategy to work on specific issue with his student.

As a Head Coach of the Academy, Adrian has created a very positive and supportive environment for his students. He encourages respect, and healthy and fair competition.

We are very fortunate to have Adrian coaching and mentoring our daughter. He is one of only few tennis coaches who has the skills, ambition and dedication to enable his students to achieve the best of their tennis potential.

Student Sasha Djurovic

Irina Ross

My son has been training with Adrian full time for only the last few months and we are extremely pleased with the progress that he has made so far.  It is fantastic to watch them build a great Player/Coach relationship and it is great to see our son having fun at practice while still working extremely hard.  Through Adrian's coaching techniques we are seeing our son grow into a well rounded player who has a good understaning of what he needs to work on to achieve his goals.  We can see that Adrian is there with him every step of the way whether its technique, talking game plans or giving him encouragement (or a kick in the butt) to push through :-)  We have every confidence that we have entrusted our sons tennis growth and development to the right person...Thanks Adrian!

Student Brodie McGeachy

Gail McGeachy

Tamara started playing tennis at Rowville community centre about two years ago . After two terms she had assessment with head coach of Vermont tc Adrian Lombardi and he asked her to join his team at Vermont . In short period of time her tennis skills and fitness improved so much that as  parents we are very happy with her progress . With professional coaching and advice from Adrian we can see her life being built around tennis as her love for sport is growing day by day . All we can say is, Thank you!

Student Tamara Bajagic

Thank you ! Mick and Sandra.


Adrian has been coaching our son, Omar for the past five years.

Over this time, we have been extremely happy with Adrian's enthusiasm and energy he delivers with his coaching.  He puts in 100% into his lessons and goes beyond the expected requirement of a coach.

We have found Adrian to be a very pro-active coach and is always putting forward new ideas to improve his students.   He is very innovative, extremely organised and up to date with all current coaching techniques.  He goes out of his way to research his training to see what is best for each person.

Adrian always chows concern for his students on and off the court.  We know this first hand because of the dedication he shows our son.  Adrian is one of the few coaches that will come and support his students at tennis matches and he has done this many times.

This dedication to his students brings with it a very positive partnership not only with his students but also parents of the students.

Adrian has delivered a great improvement to our son's performance.  His guidance and coaching has allowed for our son to be accepted into the national Academy at Melbourne Park where he has been an active participant over the last three years and now has a very high Australian ranking.

Overall, we have found Adrian to be a very dedicated, enthusiastic and genuine coach.  This is a rarity and something that does not go unnoticed by ourselves and i am sure many others.

Student Omar Fields

Tennyson & Anne Fields

I have known Adrian Lombardi for 2 years.

Adrian has provided tennis coaching to our two sons Tim and Blair.  Adrian has related very well to Tim and Blair who are 9 and 7 years of age respectively.  Adrian is very passionate about the sport of Tennis and innovative with his coaching techniques.

Adrian communicates very well to his students, their parents and fellow coaches within the Millennium Tennis Academy.

I cannot recommend Adrian highly enough, he would be a great tennis coach for anyone.

Student's Tim & Blair Mason

Peter & Barb Mason

I have known Adrian Lombardi for over 5 years.  In that time Adrian has been an exceptional coach, friend and mentor to my daughter and to many other budding tennis players.

He presents professional qualities, diverse skills and abilities one would expect in a very good coach.  My daughter is evidence of the training capabilities and coaching know-how implemented by Adrian that brings out the potential in any keen tennis player.

His leadership skills and his encouragement with his students provide them with a very understanding and supportive coaching methodology.  He has empathy with the students, at the same time letting them know exactly where they are at any given point.

As a parent i would highly recommend Adrian to any student wanting to realize their potential.

Student Breanna Herbert

David Herbert


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